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Learner's License

Learner's License

Documents Required For Learner's License

1. Application Form for Learner's License (Different Regional Transportation Office have different requirements for this, but in Delhi, the requirement would be the Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3, which you can find in this)

2. There Copies of Recent Passport-Sized Photographs of the Applicant

3. Proof of Residence in India (Any one of the following)

Proof of Residence (With Notarisation Required)

Water Bill

Electricity Bill

Telephone Bill

Pay Slip Issued by Private Sector

Property Tax

Post Office or Bank Book with Residential Address

Marriage Certificate

Ration Card

Income Tax Returns

Residence Certificate Issued by District Administrator

Proof of Residence (Without Notarisation Required)

Voter Card

Passport (Indian Address Only)

Life Insurance Policy

Pay Slip Issued by Local Government

4. Proof of Age (Any one of the following)

Valid Proof of Age Documents

Birth Certificate


PAN Card


Certificate Issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner Verifying the Age of the Applicant